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Let’s all have a good prune!!

22 Oct

Well, there is nothing like it!

Pruning feathers is quite a social event and Zippy taught the little chicks how to prune from day 1. Today however, Lemony Splicket, Bluey and Zippy in particular enjoy some time together preening and cleaning their fine feathers.

Bungle, however, is a little distracted and just wants to have mummy Zippy’s attention all to herself! However, Zippy ignores Bungle’s little pecks and Bungle decides to join the others, roosting next to Lemony Splicket who is already becoming a little charmer. Hmmm, he looks quite proud of himself with 2 females perched either side of him!

The Swinging Lettuce…

22 Oct

Today the growing chicks had a new treat. Something rather new and strange dangled above their little heads. Lemony Splicket, Bungle and Bluey were quite curious of the green swinging thing.

Zippy, their mother, thought this lesson was one the chicks could learn themselves and so left them to discover the purpose of this strange looking green thing themselves…

Eventually, Bungle grew courage and pecked a little off, taking a quick sideways step as the green swinging thing flew away from her and then towards her with such speed.

Hmmm not so bad she thought! Soon the others were enjoying the sweet, crisp taste although it did require some beak to eye co-ordination!!

Bluey was a little distracted from the green swinging thing. She is determined to see what is outside her run! She is like a lightening bolt and as soon as she hears the door of the run open, she shoots out and takes a nibble of grass. I can see already, she is going to be a real crazy character!

Lemony Splicket, on the other hand, was still unsure of the strange green swinging thing… He was either being a true gentleman and letting the ladies have their turn first,or he was just being a bit of a coward!

You would not believe how much entertainment a little gem lettuce could give!

Practice makes Perfect Lemony Splicket

4 Oct

Well here he is…

Lemony Splicket at exactly 9 weeks old. It is Thursday 4th October and this is his first crow. It’s about 7.15am and it is a very murky autumnal day. The only problem is, he is missing his “doodle” in his “cock-a-doodle-doooooooo

It is quite amusing to see…He fluffs up his feathers, stretches forward and sort of twists his neck in a funny angle!

He just needs to find his “doodle”!