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Good Morning Everyone!

15 Nov

Well what a dreary, foggy morning it is out there! However, there is always something to put a smile on your face! Despite the gloomy weather, all hens were in high spirits and just want to say hello!

“Good Morning!”

“Hello, How are you today?”

“OOh tis a bit foggy today!”

“My babies are all grown up!”

“Still can’t find my doodle!”

“Hello Everyone!”


“Hello there!”

“Hi! I’m Maize Moo!”




Beak Ball Practice…

7 Nov

Well, as the days grow  much colder and shorter, the hens are not put off by their regular sporting activities. Today is the  start of Beak Ball practice and my favourite team so far appear to be the Ex Bat Hens who outshine Pekin Chicks and Cheeky Pekins. Poor Maize Moo, the millifleur Sablepoot, is getting a rough deal and appears to be  doing all the hard work whilst Kojak the Pekin takes all the glory, snatching mealworms from under Maize Moo’s beak. Pekin Chicks, on the other hand, are needing further practice and hopefully Mummy Zippy will encourage her chicks to perform better. Lemony Splicket, the cockerel, is a slow learner but his growing size may eventually be in his favour.