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Surprise Eggs!!!

7 Feb

Well, it’s been a while since Zippy has laid an egg…

To be precise, the last egg she laid was in May before deciding to go broody for the rest of the laying season to which she raised 3 baby pekins, Bluey, Bungle and a handsome cockerel named Lemony Splicket.

Now the days are slightly getting longer, Zippy left me a little surprise this morning…

A beautiful peach coloured egg, smooth with a slight sheen.

And at lunch another egg appeared!?? This could not be the youngsters Bluey or Bungle  just yet surely!  Turns out, Zippy had laid yesterday and the little ones kept it hid whilst they slept huddled in the nest box!!

Is Spring coming, I ask you?!! I truly hope so!

To make things even better, Maize Moo, the Lemon Millifleur Sablepoot has been acting very excitable of late…She too has decided to leave me a surprise in the nest box! A beautiful creamy white egg.

Yummy, if I am lucky, I may get enough for Pancake Day!!