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A Difficult Day…

15 Apr

I am not one for hating Mondays, the start of a new working week, but I am making one exception to the rule and that is the Monday of 15th April 2013.

It started off difficult from the moment I woke up to check on my poorly ex battery hen, Ferb.

I had left her in a comfy bed of fresh straw the night before, hoping that nature would be kind, gently carrying  her into a deep sleep and easing her pain she had been suffering from of late.  However, for some miracle, Ferb was still with me. But it would have taken no expert to realize that she needed a little help and I could not wait for nature any longer.  Sometimes, it is more painful to watch an animal suffer than it is to help them on their way.

With much difficulty and with great heartache, I made the phone call to our vets. They were very kind and so understanding.

I said my goodbyes to Ferb at 9.30am on Monday 15th April. I felt some comfort that I had done right.

There will always be a special place in my heart for her.


Ferb, always made me smile!


Ferb in her prime!




Ferb – A very poorly hen

14 Apr

Before I begin to write anything, I want to apologize  for the sadness this post carries. After the previous joy from my newly hatched chicks, the past week has been very difficult for Ferb. Since loosing Phineas the same day my chicks hatched, little Ferb’s health has been on the decline. Although Ferb started the year quite well laying a few enormous eggs, she suddenly stopped laying mid March. Antibiotics, this time did not seem to help and I have watched with a tear in my eye, knowing all was not well.

Today, has been the most heartbreaking of all. I have been continuously watching her. I am afraid to say it is only a matter of time and I can only pray for her to go peacefully.

Tonight I have placed plenty of straw around her to try and make her as comfy as I can. For some reason, turning off the light startled her, so tonight, the light is left on for my dear little Ferb.


Cheeks and the 2 little Pekin Chicks

12 Apr

Time flies by so fast…

Before I realize, 2 weeks have past and my 3 little chicks are growing strong. Thankfully after a traumatic time of hatching, sweet little Cheeks, the favorelles chick is doing really well. I have since learnt that Cheeks is an ermine faverolles so I will be really looking forward to his or her getting beautiful feathers.

The 2 little Pekin chicks are also doing very well. They are a beautiful honey colour and have so much energy. They will often run and play about, it’s so funny to watch.

I feed them on garvo mini pellets but I must say, I have had to use my food processor to grind the pellets to a smaller size as I was concerned they were a little too big and I didn’t want any crop problems. I have not given any treats like corn or mealworms but I will be very soon!

Tonight, the little ones have been fighting for a place on my arm to roost!! They are quite liking to jump onto my hand and earlier Cheeks enjoyed climbing quite far up my arm! To their disappointment, however, my tired arm would not stay outstretched for longer than 5 minutes and I had to say goodnight and let them snuggle back under the lamp!!!


Hatching Chick!

5 Apr

Hatching Chick – Cheeks

Well the little chicks are a week old today and they are already growing well!

The weather has been really cold here so it has been an ongoing battle to maintain the temperature in the brooder. I have been up and down all nights to check  it’s not too hot or not too cold! I feel like I am a Mummy again!

Today I have removed their towels now their little legs are getting stronger and put down some cozy chick bedding which they like to scratch in very much!

The pekins are very playful! They remind me of Lemony Splicket when he was a tiny chick! I cannot tell which are cockerels and which are hens yet!

We have named the favorelles chick, Cheeks! I think you will see why at the end of the video. She is so sweet. She had such a struggle hatching, I was very worried she wasn’t going to make it. But, this little chick is a true survivor and watching her hatch was very special.

I hope you enjoy the video. Unfortunately, it does not play on mobile devices due to Copyright issues but I am working on a solution!