50 Shades of Lemon…the Sequel

9 Mar

Bluey, the pretty splash pekin has been feeling rather left out just lately. Despite, hours pruning her silvery blue feathers to try and capture the eye of the handsome Lemony Splicket, she has sadly decided that she is just not his kind of chick.

One day my Prince will come!


If only little Bluey was able to take a look in the mirror, she would have seen her pale comb change over the days that followed. It wasn’t long before her cheeks flushed and her delicate little comb and wattles reddened. A sign she was getting ready to lay her first egg.

On Saturday 9th March, Bluey seemed much more vocal than of late. Also, she began to notice that the most incredibly handsome Lemony Splicket was paying her much more attention than usual. He seemed to be following her around and standing over her proud and strong.

Later on that day, Bluey made her way into the coop and layed her first egg, much to Lemony Splickets delight. She is now as popular as Bungle and Zippy and Lemony Splicket is very enthusiastic over his new female admirer.

Such a handsome fellow!


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