50 Shades of Lemon…

9 Mar

The days are slowly getting longer and the birds are  singing that Spring is just around the corner…

The 3 little pekins are 29 weeks old now. It has been a wonderful experience watching them grow from little chicks into beautiful young pullets.  Their journey  has been a series of amazing adventures from meeting their new mum, Zippy to learning all the tricks of being chicken!!

Now, Bungle is laying well. She is bright eyed and her comb a vibrant red. However, Lemony Splicket the lemon pekin cockerel is suddenly seeing life in a different light.  To him, Bungle and Zippy seem very desirable. Their beauty stirs such passion arousing his innermost desires. He stands proud and tall. His struts his stuff and watches over his wives with much attentiveness. He squawks  to alert his girls of danger and stamps his feet if something upsets him. His crow is much louder these days and it is fascinating to see how much effort he gives into making such a sound! At first, poor Lemony Splicket couldn’t quite master ‘Getting his leg over’ but with much practice, he has now perfected the art.  Bungle and Zippy have had many experiences of this!

A couple of days old

As you can see from above, Lemony Splicket was such a tiny sweet innocent little chick…He was shy and kept close to his adopted mother, Zippy. It became clear at about 9 weeks old that this little one was no hen. Today, he is a proud handsome fellow. Eager to show his strength and attract the likes of Bungle and Zippy, he leads the way out the coop first thing morning and calls out to the new day, ‘Watch Out, Beware, I am a the Lemony Splicket’ .

‘How you doin?’

As for  sweet little Bluey. She is a somewhat behind and has still not laid an egg. Her comb has yet to brighten and grow but she is still as feisty as ever. I am certain, once the weather warms up a little more, Bluey will follow Bungle and lay her first egg. To this, I am sure, Lemony Splicket will indeed be a very happy young cockerel.

I wish Lemony Splicket would notice me!

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