Goofy Chicken

It was Spring, 2010. I remember because the sun felt warm and relaxing, shining on my back as I sat flicking through the pages of ‘Grow Your Own’ magazine. I remember it more so because this is how my story begins…

The words suddenly seemed to come from nowhere, falling out  my mouth as if they had a mind of their own,

“Shall we have some chickens?”

Turning to look at me, my husband rolled his eyes in disbelief. Little did he know that by July 18th 2010, our back garden would be taken over…

These mischievous, funny and by no means unintelligent feathered creatures were to become a big part in my life and eventually my husbands life much to his denial at the time!

Without even realizing, the chickens were already taking over. A week was taken off work to transform a once brick out house, full of garden tools and clutter, into a luxury 5 star chicken apartment,  2 storeys high. The once neatly mowed lawn became their outdoor run or play gym as they now call it. By no means this was not an easy project. Much research, thought and effort was made to ensure our chickens had a happy life.

So July 18th 2010, we collected our first 5 ex battery hens rescued by the BHWT. Esmeralda, Ruby, Britney, Peaches and little Elvis were all transported to their new luxury accommodation via the ‘Chuck Mobile’.

In the years that followed, we have had tears of laughter and joy, tears of sorrow and loss…

But, let me warn you know. Keeping chickens is a bug. You catch it and you can pass it  on. And, if you are not careful, it can grow and grow and grow until 5 feathered friends becomes more and more.

So, this is where my Goofy Chicken started and over the years, I have succumbed to the bug. In total, we have rescued 8 ex battery hens. We have sadly lost 4 of the original hens rescued in July 2010 but one special little girl, Elvis, now known as Elvie  still lives strong  and is nearing her 4th birthday.

As the chicken keeping bug has now become full strength, we  decided to purchase 2 more hen houses. Overall, our  goofy chicken family include 5 Pekin bantams, 1 lemon millifleur Sablepoot and 3 ex battery hens.

I have captured many pictures and videos overtime and hope to share with you the joys and rewards of keeping chickens.

“Welcome to the Goofy Chicken!”



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