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Bungles Chicks – 4 weeks old!

4 Aug

Bungle, the millefleur pekin hen is doing a splendid job bringing up her 4 week old little chicks.

It’s the most amazing experience watching your broody hen raise little chicks. From the day you put those precious little eggs under your broody to the day those little ones peep from under mum’s feathers to say hello to the big wide world is a miracle and fills your heart with delight!

So far, I have had 100% fertility and hatch rate out of my own eggs. Not bad at all I don’t think but really I need to say thank you to Mr Lemony Splicket and all my little hennies for doing such a wonderful job at creating such wonderful little chicks.

Raising chicks under a broody hen seems better for the little chicks too. They seem to develop much quicker, learn all the tricks of the trade from their wonderful mum and seem to make good healthy strong girls and boys and you don’t have to worry about that heat lamp! Mum does all the temperature gauging! Just fresh water with a little apple cider vinegar (helps prevent coccidiosis which can be a killer in chicks), a good healthy chick crumb (I feed garvo mini pellets which can be fed until laying) and clean dry bedding is all you need to think about when you have a broody hen taking care of you little precious chicks.

Here are some pictures of my recent hatched chicks. Sometimes, if the weather allows, Bungle loves to take them on a guided tour around the garden but I have to watch them…little chicks are very quick and quite flighty. Mum is never far away however. She has certainly disciplined her chicks very well!


You may see from the pictures that it looks like Mr Lemony Splicket has given us 1 little girl and 3 little boys!

Hopefully I have found a loving home for the little lady but I am seeking 3 loving homes for the baby Splicket Juniors if anyone is interested?

If you are serious then please take a look at the ‘Own Your Own Goofy Chicken‘ page

Happy Birthday Bungle, Bluey and Lemony Splicket!

2 Aug

Happy Birthday today to my pretty Pekins, Bungle, Bluey and handsome Pekin, Lemony Splicket!

A year ago I searched all over to find some day old chicks for my broody hen Zippy who had been desperate to hatch her own eggs which sadly failed. She was delighted when the 3 little chicks arrived and were placed under her, raising them like her own.

Now, a year old today, Bungle has her own little chicks to care for, Bluey had a short spell of broodiness but now laying well again and Lemony Splicket is charming all the ladies as well as being in fine voice…and producing 6 chicks of his own!

Lemony Splicket strutting his stuff!

Lemony Splicket strutting his stuff!


Bungle looking well, now with chicks of her own!

Bungle looking well, now with chicks of her own!


A small pekin but with a very loud call when she sees me or wants something!

A small pekin but with a very loud call when she sees me or wants something!

They certainly have changed since being little chicks. Bungle, who we thought was a cockerel, turned out to be a hen and Lemony Splicket turned out to be the cockerel! Bluey still was the smallest but has always been the loudest (even louder than Lemony Splicket)

Bungle hatches her first Chicks!

6 Jul

Congratulations to Bungle, the millefleur pekin who

successfully hatched 4 pekin chicks on 4th July!

Bungle began showing signs of broodiness on 17th May and it was clear those powerful hormones had taken over and this little lady was not going to give in until she had some fertile eggs placed under her!

A broody hen is a very determined hen. Her behavior can sometimes dramatically change from a sweet little angel to a squawking  and shrieking little terror, raising her tail and fluffling out her feathers should you attempt to go anywhere near her. She also spends hours in the nest box, making sure no other hen can enter to try and lay an egg. She lies flat like a pancake, her eyes focused as though in a trance. And worst of all, a broody hen will  most likely stop laying any tasty eggs for you! I have had 2 different experiences with 2 different  kinds of broodies.  Zippy was a very placid and gentle broody whereas Bungle was the terror broody!

"How much longer do I have to wait?"

Zippy, ‘The Determined but Placid  Broody Hen’


After many desperate attempts to try and break Bungle’s broodiness,  I finally realized that the hens have beaten me again…

I made up a soft straw nest in our rabbit hutch, perfect for a broody to sit on eggs in peace. Bungle was placed in the hutch for a couple of days with some pot eggs to see if she would settle which she did without a doubt.  Around tea-time on 13th June, I carefully put 4 eggs under Bungle.  These had been laid previously by Kojak, the buff pekin, the father being the one and only Lemony Splicket of course!



50 Shades of Lemon…

9 Mar

The days are slowly getting longer and the birds are  singing that Spring is just around the corner…

The 3 little pekins are 29 weeks old now. It has been a wonderful experience watching them grow from little chicks into beautiful young pullets.  Their journey  has been a series of amazing adventures from meeting their new mum, Zippy to learning all the tricks of being chicken!!

Now, Bungle is laying well. She is bright eyed and her comb a vibrant red. However, Lemony Splicket the lemon pekin cockerel is suddenly seeing life in a different light.  To him, Bungle and Zippy seem very desirable. Their beauty stirs such passion arousing his innermost desires. He stands proud and tall. His struts his stuff and watches over his wives with much attentiveness. He squawks  to alert his girls of danger and stamps his feet if something upsets him. His crow is much louder these days and it is fascinating to see how much effort he gives into making such a sound! At first, poor Lemony Splicket couldn’t quite master ‘Getting his leg over’ but with much practice, he has now perfected the art.  Bungle and Zippy have had many experiences of this!

A couple of days old

As you can see from above, Lemony Splicket was such a tiny sweet innocent little chick…He was shy and kept close to his adopted mother, Zippy. It became clear at about 9 weeks old that this little one was no hen. Today, he is a proud handsome fellow. Eager to show his strength and attract the likes of Bungle and Zippy, he leads the way out the coop first thing morning and calls out to the new day, ‘Watch Out, Beware, I am a the Lemony Splicket’ .

‘How you doin?’

As for  sweet little Bluey. She is a somewhat behind and has still not laid an egg. Her comb has yet to brighten and grow but she is still as feisty as ever. I am certain, once the weather warms up a little more, Bluey will follow Bungle and lay her first egg. To this, I am sure, Lemony Splicket will indeed be a very happy young cockerel.

I wish Lemony Splicket would notice me!

Surprise Eggs!!!

7 Feb

Well, it’s been a while since Zippy has laid an egg…

To be precise, the last egg she laid was in May before deciding to go broody for the rest of the laying season to which she raised 3 baby pekins, Bluey, Bungle and a handsome cockerel named Lemony Splicket.

Now the days are slightly getting longer, Zippy left me a little surprise this morning…

A beautiful peach coloured egg, smooth with a slight sheen.

And at lunch another egg appeared!?? This could not be the youngsters Bluey or Bungle  just yet surely!  Turns out, Zippy had laid yesterday and the little ones kept it hid whilst they slept huddled in the nest box!!

Is Spring coming, I ask you?!! I truly hope so!

To make things even better, Maize Moo, the Lemon Millifleur Sablepoot has been acting very excitable of late…She too has decided to leave me a surprise in the nest box! A beautiful creamy white egg.

Yummy, if I am lucky, I may get enough for Pancake Day!!



Good Morning Everyone!

15 Nov

Well what a dreary, foggy morning it is out there! However, there is always something to put a smile on your face! Despite the gloomy weather, all hens were in high spirits and just want to say hello!

“Good Morning!”

“Hello, How are you today?”

“OOh tis a bit foggy today!”

“My babies are all grown up!”

“Still can’t find my doodle!”

“Hello Everyone!”


“Hello there!”

“Hi! I’m Maize Moo!”




Let’s all have a good prune!!

22 Oct

Well, there is nothing like it!

Pruning feathers is quite a social event and Zippy taught the little chicks how to prune from day 1. Today however, Lemony Splicket, Bluey and Zippy in particular enjoy some time together preening and cleaning their fine feathers.

Bungle, however, is a little distracted and just wants to have mummy Zippy’s attention all to herself! However, Zippy ignores Bungle’s little pecks and Bungle decides to join the others, roosting next to Lemony Splicket who is already becoming a little charmer. Hmmm, he looks quite proud of himself with 2 females perched either side of him!

The Swinging Lettuce…

22 Oct

Today the growing chicks had a new treat. Something rather new and strange dangled above their little heads. Lemony Splicket, Bungle and Bluey were quite curious of the green swinging thing.

Zippy, their mother, thought this lesson was one the chicks could learn themselves and so left them to discover the purpose of this strange looking green thing themselves…

Eventually, Bungle grew courage and pecked a little off, taking a quick sideways step as the green swinging thing flew away from her and then towards her with such speed.

Hmmm not so bad she thought! Soon the others were enjoying the sweet, crisp taste although it did require some beak to eye co-ordination!!

Bluey was a little distracted from the green swinging thing. She is determined to see what is outside her run! She is like a lightening bolt and as soon as she hears the door of the run open, she shoots out and takes a nibble of grass. I can see already, she is going to be a real crazy character!

Lemony Splicket, on the other hand, was still unsure of the strange green swinging thing… He was either being a true gentleman and letting the ladies have their turn first,or he was just being a bit of a coward!

You would not believe how much entertainment a little gem lettuce could give!

Dust-bathing Fun!

27 Sep

A few warm sunny days brings out the little chicks! Mummy Zippy is still mothering her babies at 5 weeks old and has been giving them some advice on how to dustbath. Bluey is sat huddled underneath, close to Zippy. Bungle the millifleur is seen in the dustbath and Lemony Splicket is testing the water! Can you spot any potential cockerels yet or do we have all hens?

“C’mon! Who’s joining me in this!?”

Nothing more fun than having a good dust bath all together!

Here they all are at  8 weeks old, growing stronger each day…

Hold on tight Bungle – Off we go!

11 Aug

Saturday 11th August 2012 – the baby chicks just delight in taking a ride on Mummy Zippy’s back. So much to see up there and how grown up they feel! Bungle in particular finds taking a ride on Zippy’s back the best thing since mealworms and corn!


“C’mon Mummy! Where we goin’?!”