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Dinners up!!!!

10 Aug

Friday 10th August and its Dinner time!!!

Zippy cluck clucks excitedly to her little chicks alerting them that some special treats have come their way!

From the bottom working upwards, we have the lemon Pekin who we have decided to name Lemony Splicket, followed by the millifleur  Pekin known as Bungle and last but not least the smallest of them all is the lavender splash Pekin. We just thought Bluey was a fitting name for such a sweetie!!!

“Yummy! Tasty treat time!!”

One week old! Bungle!!

9 Aug

Here is the millifleur chick, exactly one week old! It’s amazing how much these little ones are growing! Still unsure if this little one is a cockerel or hen. Some say he is a cockerel as he is always the first one venturing out  from under Zippy’s tummy in the morning! He or she is showing signs of courage, a brave cockerel!

We decided to name him Bungle! I think Zippy will agree that is a perfect name for such a delightful and brave little chick!!

“Look how much I have grown!”

New chicks – Every cloud has a silver lining…

2 Aug

So disappointed, Zippy’s eggs did not hatch. She had been so good and never left the nest so why the chicks did not make it, is just one of those mysteries and disappointments that comes with natural incubation.

Well, Zippy’s determination made me even more determined for her. I searched all over and came across a lady who breeds Pekin bantams and she had some day old chicks, literally just hours old.

That same evening, Thursday 2nd August, we drive to Northampton to pick up 3 day old pekin chicks. I am so excited. This is the chance for Zippy to be a mother at last.

There is a risk, however, that Zippy will not accept the adopted chicks and could kill them so we know we have to be careful and watch closely.

“Where’s my Mummy?”

Baby day old Pekins arrive safely at home. We are hoping for lemon, millifleur and splash or lavender coloured chicks. At this stage we do not know if  we have any cockerels!

We wait until it is dark. Around 9.30pm, we take the babies out to the hutch where Zippy is sitting still tight on her perfectly made  nest. I replaced the 3 non hatched eggs with 3 fake eggs as before (didn’t want any nasty smelly eggsplosions).

Calmly, one by one I reach under Zippy and take out a fake egg, gently replacing it with a baby chick. I repeated the process until all baby chicks were quietly snuggled under Zippy’s tummy, kept warm and safe.  Zippy purred with contentment and we left her with her new babies. An hour later, we had to check to make sure all was ok. Zippy was asleep and all quiet. The chicks were quiet and they were still under her warm feathers. It was looking very hopeful.

Zippy was going to be a Mummy at last!

“Are you our Mummy?”





It was the most joyous moment. I knew that so far, it was looking very hopeful and by the time the sun would rise the next day, Zippy would be awoken by the tiny sweet chirps of her new chicks and all would be well.