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Chicks – 5 Weeks Old!!

2 May

Time is flying by so fast!! Days are hopefully getting warmer and the birds are singing the Summer chorus.

Meanwhile, in the chick brooder, the 2 pekins and 1 faverolles chick are growing well and full of mischief. The 2 pekins jump around each other whilst the faverolles chick, better known as Cheeks,  makes sure they all realize that there is only 1 top bird!

Thankfully, the days do seem much warmer now, so I am able to reduce the temperature in the brooder quite nicely and with the help from a thermostat, this makes acclimatizing the little ones a gradual and easier process. I am hoping that in 3 weeks time or so, the little chicks will not need any heat source at all, unless temperatures severely drop at night.

May has also seen me busy refreshing my 3 metre square run. It was a very hard job but I am pleased that it is now clear. I can start to see the little green shoots of hopefully to be a lush and tasty treat of herbs, grasses and clovers which the hens will adore. The bees and insects will enjoy it very much too!

After the sadness of loosing my last ex battery hen, the little chicks have given me back  my smile and keep my days very busy!  I am looking forward to many years of fun and joy with these little ones and one day they will become part of the flock with Lemony Splicket and his increasing henfriends, his much favorite at the moment being the delightful and very beautiful Maize Moo. However, I still think one of those pekin chicks is a cockerel and I will have to find him a home if this is the case. 2 Lemony Splickets would not be a good idea especially as I live up in a built up area! Not only would I have a fight for henfriends but also a crowing competition at the crack of dawn which would not please my neighbours! See what you think…

I hope you enjoy the chick pics. See if you spot a Lemony Splicket JNR!


Surprise Eggs!!!

7 Feb

Well, it’s been a while since Zippy has laid an egg…

To be precise, the last egg she laid was in May before deciding to go broody for the rest of the laying season to which she raised 3 baby pekins, Bluey, Bungle and a handsome cockerel named Lemony Splicket.

Now the days are slightly getting longer, Zippy left me a little surprise this morning…

A beautiful peach coloured egg, smooth with a slight sheen.

And at lunch another egg appeared!?? This could not be the youngsters Bluey or Bungle  just yet surely!  Turns out, Zippy had laid yesterday and the little ones kept it hid whilst they slept huddled in the nest box!!

Is Spring coming, I ask you?!! I truly hope so!

To make things even better, Maize Moo, the Lemon Millifleur Sablepoot has been acting very excitable of late…She too has decided to leave me a surprise in the nest box! A beautiful creamy white egg.

Yummy, if I am lucky, I may get enough for Pancake Day!!



Good Morning Everyone!

15 Nov

Well what a dreary, foggy morning it is out there! However, there is always something to put a smile on your face! Despite the gloomy weather, all hens were in high spirits and just want to say hello!

“Good Morning!”

“Hello, How are you today?”

“OOh tis a bit foggy today!”

“My babies are all grown up!”

“Still can’t find my doodle!”

“Hello Everyone!”


“Hello there!”

“Hi! I’m Maize Moo!”




Beak Ball Practice…

7 Nov

Well, as the days grow  much colder and shorter, the hens are not put off by their regular sporting activities. Today is the  start of Beak Ball practice and my favourite team so far appear to be the Ex Bat Hens who outshine Pekin Chicks and Cheeky Pekins. Poor Maize Moo, the millifleur Sablepoot, is getting a rough deal and appears to be  doing all the hard work whilst Kojak the Pekin takes all the glory, snatching mealworms from under Maize Moo’s beak. Pekin Chicks, on the other hand, are needing further practice and hopefully Mummy Zippy will encourage her chicks to perform better. Lemony Splicket, the cockerel, is a slow learner but his growing size may eventually be in his favour.