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Broody in November??

10 Nov

The nights are drawing in…

Leaves are showing the golden shades of Autumn and dawn brings a chill to the air.

So I hear myself say…

“How is it I have 2 broody pekins in November?”


Dom Perignon who is only 8 months old has layed well this Summer. She is a light buff pekin quite champagne like in colour, daughter to Lemony Splicket and Zippy. She is already showing similarities to her mother. Dom even sounds like her mother. She has been broody now for a couple of weeks despite the weather turning quite cold!

Bluey, the sweet little splash pekin is also fancying her chances of a winter hatch. This is her 2nd time of broodiness this year but sadly again, there are no fertile eggs under her. Maybe next Spring will see her mothering her newly hatched chicks…


I am so wanting chicks for Christmas

I am so wanting chicks for Christmas














Sandy’s 1st Egg!

9 Aug

Sandy our 18 week old Pekin hen has today laid her first egg!

Sandy (also known as Dom Perrignon due to her lovely champagne colouring!) hatched out at Easter,  her parents being Zippy and Lemony Splicket. I sensed it would not be long before this little hen would lay. She has shown all the signs by reddening of face and comb. Early this morning she kept coming in and out of the hen house and was very curious as though looking for a nice comfy spot!

Her first egg weighs in at a whopping 26g!! Hmmm that will make a fantastically huge omelette!  Compared to our usual bantams which weigh around 40g, Sandy’s egg is very petite but a lovely brown colour which surprised me as most of my pekins lay a pale cream tinted egg. The shell has a lovely smooth and even sheen so we will be fighting over it for dippy egg and soldiers for breakfast (hmmm may need a few of these petite eggs to fill hungry tums!) Hopefully, as Sandy matures, her eggs will increase in size to match the other bantams but for now, all I need to say is…….



Sandy's 26g egg!

Sandy’s 26g egg!


Here is Sandy, looking very beautiful on my shoulder!

Sandy loves basil leaves!

Sandy loves basil leaves!