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Please Help Ex Battery Hens

2 Jun

I regularly receive the newsletter from the British Hen Welfare Trust and came across this upsetting article regarding Ex Battery hens in India.

Apparently India is the 3rd largest country for producing eggs but sadly about 70% of these eggs come from caged hens who have less than an A4 size sheet of paper in which to live.  These hens do not have access to dust bathing areas, the freedom to forage and scratch or to feel the sun on their backs.

They do not live the life of a chicken.

If you would like to help these hens find a life they deserve, please visit the page.


“I swear I saw a worm over there Elvie!”


Always first at the gate!!


You can’t beat a communal dust bath!


“This is such a nice holiday place!”


“Lets catch some rays!”


POKAAAAARRR Im sure that cat is watching us!


“Look at me now!!”


“Strike a Pose!”


As you can see, these ex battery hens are full of character and have such a sweet nature!








A Difficult Day…

15 Apr

I am not one for hating Mondays, the start of a new working week, but I am making one exception to the rule and that is the Monday of 15th April 2013.

It started off difficult from the moment I woke up to check on my poorly ex battery hen, Ferb.

I had left her in a comfy bed of fresh straw the night before, hoping that nature would be kind, gently carrying  her into a deep sleep and easing her pain she had been suffering from of late.  However, for some miracle, Ferb was still with me. But it would have taken no expert to realize that she needed a little help and I could not wait for nature any longer.  Sometimes, it is more painful to watch an animal suffer than it is to help them on their way.

With much difficulty and with great heartache, I made the phone call to our vets. They were very kind and so understanding.

I said my goodbyes to Ferb at 9.30am on Monday 15th April. I felt some comfort that I had done right.

There will always be a special place in my heart for her.


Ferb, always made me smile!


Ferb in her prime!




Ferb – A very poorly hen

14 Apr

Before I begin to write anything, I want to apologize  for the sadness this post carries. After the previous joy from my newly hatched chicks, the past week has been very difficult for Ferb. Since loosing Phineas the same day my chicks hatched, little Ferb’s health has been on the decline. Although Ferb started the year quite well laying a few enormous eggs, she suddenly stopped laying mid March. Antibiotics, this time did not seem to help and I have watched with a tear in my eye, knowing all was not well.

Today, has been the most heartbreaking of all. I have been continuously watching her. I am afraid to say it is only a matter of time and I can only pray for her to go peacefully.

Tonight I have placed plenty of straw around her to try and make her as comfy as I can. For some reason, turning off the light startled her, so tonight, the light is left on for my dear little Ferb.


Phineas – RIP

27 Mar

My dearest Phineas passed away today. She had been poorly for a few weeks and although we tried antibiotics, it became clear nothing was going to work.

I just want to dedicate

this post to my adorable girl who was with us since July 2011. She was such a friendly hen and loved her cuddles. She will be missed very much.

The pain of loosing your pet, no matter what it is, is truly heartbreaking.

Rest In Peace Phineas

“Lets catch some rays!”


Look how I have changed!



Amazing Egg!

12 Mar

Well, what a shocker I had today!!

Despite being such a cold, wintry day, I managed to collect 4 bantam eggs out of 5 girls!

Then…I was totally shocked. Checked Phineas and Ferb’s next box and did I get a surprise…

This is what I found,


Left is the ex bat surprise egg!


Maybe they are just thanking us for the new roof we have had put on their run!!

Hmm,if I remember rightly, this is where I lay my eggs!


Meanwhile, back in the Incubation Room, we are counting down the days. Today is day 5. Eggs are turning every hour and we are maintaining temperature in the outhouse despite it being bitter cold outside!

More to follow on this…

Get Well Ferb

26 Jan

Ferb’s visit to the vets was quite hopeful. Although the vet did not know what was causing her to feel poorly, she did prescribe some Baytril 2.5% antibiotics. She also gave her a vitamin injection to help her appetite and kidney function.

Today is her 5th day of antibiotics (0.5mls of Baytril once a day).She is on a 10 day course.

I carefully measure out the solution into a syringe and gently open her beak, talking to her and reassuring her that she will be ok. I make sure I give her the medicine the same time each day and when nightfall has begun.

In this way, Ferb is much quieter and relaxed, making it easier for me to administer the antibiotics.


 Here she is 2 days after her antibiotics.She has perked up and although sill unwell, her appetite has improved.

 However,  We are still trying desperately to find her cluck cluck!

I have put her back in the coop with Phineas as I don’t want the chucks to be apart for too long, firstly because I don’t want the problem of re-introducing the girls, secondly I feel Ferb needs to be with her friend whilst she is able and lastly they will miss each other!


Hens are sociable creatures and do not like living alone!

Well tomorrow is a new day… I am hoping to wake to Ferb clucking in her ususal frantic manner and feeling much better. I really hope so.
Off I go now, trundling in the snow to the coop to give Ferb her medicine. The weather is warming so this snow will pass quick.



Ferb is Unwell…

22 Jan

Ferb has been feeling a little under the weather of late. Since having fun helping in the garden a couple of weeks back, she has become a little unwell.

Not sure if she has eaten something which has upset her tummy or if she has caught a nasty cold. The weather here has took a turn for the worst so I suspect she has caught some kind of respiratory illness. She has a snuffly nose when she breathes and has lost her distinctive Ferb voice.

I decided to try and tempt her with chick crumb mixed with warm water complemented with a sprinkling of nutritious protein enriched mealworms. Her appetite was not the same.

I bought the little patient into the house and set up a comfy warm cage for her next to our radiator so I could monitor her better.

Sadly, I can see no improvement. I think it is time to visit our vets for some advice. I can definitely hear her sounding snuffly when she breathes and she is loosing her appetite and not drinking very much.  Today, I also notice her comb  looks an unhealthy colour with a blueish tinge indicating there is a respiratory or circulatory problem going on.

I do not like how she looks and have decided to make an appointment as soon as possible to take my poorly Ferb to the vets.

A Taste of Spring!

12 Jan

Well Phineas, Ferb and myself enjoyed some fun last Saturday! What a beautiful Spring like day it seemed. I decided to take my 2 ex battery hens to work with me on the garden, doing a spot of digging and weeding! They were good little helpers and in return they were rewarded with not only grubs from the veg beds but lots and lots of mealworms for supper!

Pokaaaarrrrrr! I’m sure that cat is watching us!




Elvie – A Sad Farewell

10 Jan

The festive season came and went so fast, bringing with it a bright new year full of hope and excitement. As 2012 said goodbye, I too had to say farewell to my beloved ex battery hen, Elvie. She was the last of my 5 original hens who we rescued back in July 2010 when my story of keeping chickens first began.

She had two and a half happy years with us and passed away at four years old on Sunday 15th December.

We miss her terribly and her little honk honk noises she made to us. But I feel, this little hen is still near us in spirit and with this, she will certainly never be forgotten.


She soon blossomed into a beautiful healthy looking chuck…


“CLUCK CLUCK – See how good I look in the Goofy Gallery!













Good Morning Everyone!

15 Nov

Well what a dreary, foggy morning it is out there! However, there is always something to put a smile on your face! Despite the gloomy weather, all hens were in high spirits and just want to say hello!

“Good Morning!”

“Hello, How are you today?”

“OOh tis a bit foggy today!”

“My babies are all grown up!”

“Still can’t find my doodle!”

“Hello Everyone!”


“Hello there!”

“Hi! I’m Maize Moo!”