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Please Help Ex Battery Hens

2 Jun

I regularly receive the newsletter from the British Hen Welfare Trust and came across this upsetting article regarding Ex Battery hens in India.

Apparently India is the 3rd largest country for producing eggs but sadly about 70% of these eggs come from caged hens who have less than an A4 size sheet of paper in which to live.  These hens do not have access to dust bathing areas, the freedom to forage and scratch or to feel the sun on their backs.

They do not live the life of a chicken.

If you would like to help these hens find a life they deserve, please visit the page.


“I swear I saw a worm over there Elvie!”


Always first at the gate!!


You can’t beat a communal dust bath!


“This is such a nice holiday place!”


“Lets catch some rays!”


POKAAAAARRR Im sure that cat is watching us!


“Look at me now!!”


“Strike a Pose!”


As you can see, these ex battery hens are full of character and have such a sweet nature!