Congratulations Zippy!

"About time! This has been the longest 3 weeks I know!"

The morning after the baby pekin chicks were placed carefully under Mummy Zippy’s tummy. The 3 chicks were grafted onto their new mummy by carefully taking out 1 egg from under Zippy and replacing it with a warm chick without the mother hen realizing what was happening. A careful watch was kept following the introduction of the chicks, making sure that Zippy would accept them and not kick them out of her nest. Only an hour or so without the warmth of her body, the chicks would perish so it was crucial to keep checking that Zippy was keeping the chicks warm. As you can see, the following morning, Zippy had awoken to a miracle and began caring for her little brood of 3 pekins as though she had hatched them herself.