Pipping Eggs – Day 21!

27 Mar

Although the day started in a very sad and upsetting way, my spirits were soon lifted…

Today, at approximately 6.30pm sees the start of Day 21! All has been pretty much quiet and I must say, I had started to get quite anxious that nothing seemed to be happening.

At roughly 3.30pm this afternoon, 2 of my pekin eggs began to pip! Then later, 1 of the favorelle eggs did the same!

It is about 10.00pm now on day 21 and 3 chicks are definitely starting their difficult mission of breaking out their tough little shells. I am still waiting on the 4th egg.

I am wondering if I will wake in the morning to see chicks running about in the incubator!


Watch this space and check tomorrow to see if the chicks hatch!!


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