Zippy’s Going QUACKERS!!

14 May

Zippy, my sweet buff Pekin wishes for little chicks again…

I tried to see if I could stop her broodiness as you can see but Zippy got the better of me again!

A week has gone by since  and the determination on her little face is increasing day by day as she nestles on some little pot eggs which I finally decided to place under her. Little does she know however the plan I have in store for her!

Day 24!


Sitting in my incubator are 5 potential Runner Ducklings waiting for day 28 to arrive. Zippy will have been sitting on her pot eggs for about 2 weeks when the ducklings finally hatch this Saturday, 18th May.

I am hoping to introduce the ducklings very carefully one by one at night when all is dark and quiet. I shall gently take out a pot egg from under Zippy, replacing it with a cute fluffy duckling until all ducklings are snuggled under their new mummy.

Broody bantams can raise ducklings well. It can, however, be quite alarming for the Mother Hen when her little cuties rush over to plunge themselves in water for their first swim! It will certainly be a challenge to see what Zippy makes of her new arrivals this weekend! A close and watchful eye will certainly be needed to make sure the new mummy welcomes her little brood of ducklings and cares for them like her own!

I am hoping she will not notice they look slightly different to the brood of chicks she raised so brilliantly in the past!

I do know one thing, these little Runner Ducklings will adore their mother if all goes to plan!


Good Luck Zippy!!



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